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To view sink designs, follow the links below to our preferred vendors. Feel free to browse, as they offer many different styles and materials for sinks. When you find one you like, give us a call. We are a registered contractor with both of these companies and we forward the discount on to you.

Please note: For stainless steel sinks- some are 16 gauge and some are 18 gauge- 18 gauge is thinner and will often sound more “tingy” when a dish is placed in it, compared to the thicker, 16 gauge sink, which cost more.

Edgebanding Services, Inc. (ESI)

After clicking on “Enter”, click on “Sinks” in the column to the left, click on the material you’d like your sink to be.


While there, click on the Letter that best describes the sink you are interested in, after the new window opens, click on “Catalog” to see all of the sinks available in that particular line of sinks.